The Conditioning of the Sexes

Blue is for Boys, Pink is for Girls…

Who says???.. As a girl, I never truly loved pink…I always preferred the colour of baby blue for years, and then went on to adore purple..even up to now.

Over the years, Women have been conditioned to think in a ‘fairytale’ way…about men and relationships especially. You know the story about that one guy that comes and ‘saves’ us..
Like Jesus is supposed to come back and ‘save’ us… I see a trend here but that is for another time.
Women are also encouraged to be soft, and compassionate..never really strong or assertive, and embedded in the background of our conditioning – more is for the man, less for the woman.  It’s only been since the 1950’s thereabout, that women rights really took a step forward..
Our men, they have been conditioned to see women as lesser human beings, just about half the man if you catch up with the bible..
There is that persistent image that women are always needing help or assistance. Which basically equals burden to the conditioned man who has already been taught not to cry and repress his emotions..all while handling all that the world brings..because after all he is  ‘the man’ ..
All these conditioned thoughts ,which have influenced our beliefs and way of interaction in the world, harbours regret, abuse, power struggles, and all kinds of dynamic drama.. You SEE the WORLD…

And what has most programmed this ‘way of being’ within our culture and society is..

THE TV – THE TELEVISION – THE TEL(L LIE )VISION  – The television dates back to the 1920’s…that is almost 100 YEARS..

Besides cutting out family communication/talk time, and reducing day-to-day interactions, no-one mentioned that they were feeding us lies..unfinished truths, mistruths, and whatever else makes TV exciting yet informative…through every report and tv show

This mass conditioning has also stemmed from the perspective of history that has been told and written in books decades upon decades..centuries upon centuries

The images and relations portrayed on TV, and in history, lends to and perpetuates inequality amongst races of people, between genders, between social classes , etc..


Women have been strong in history for a long time

And Men have been in touch with their feelings while doing great things as well…

Every race of people has played their part to make the world what it is today..

So let’s rise above what we have been conditioned to believe. Instead let us have resolve and fortitude – rising up to meet what every moment brings with a righteous heart, conscious mind, and a willing body.

We are not what the world says we are..We are what we say we are..



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