Qigong Week 3, 4 & 5 ~ Building and Storing Power ~ The Power Sessions!

Powerful. This is all I can say about week 3.  Week 3 practice rolled into week 4 for me because I did week 3 practice twice!

The first week I mainly did the morning practice which filled up my spiritual cup of chi/qi and I felt that I should stay with just the morning practice of building, storing and protecting my chi. What a beauty this journey of Qigong has been and I look forward to many more years of practice and enlightenment. It is truly a beautiful, opening and fulfilling experience, and if you haven’t tried and you’ve been wanting to – go ahead and give it a try, it’s worth it.

Week 3 was filled with so much beautiful energies and most of alll, I have learned to cleanse and release, build, store and protect chi in and around my body(bodies, as we are much more than the physical).

As I stepped into the forth week, I begun to focus upon the evening qigong practice as well  and man o man, it’s amazing. I can understand why my spirit decided to acclimatize to the morning session first and then bring in the evening session for the week 3 trainings/lessons. Emmense amount of energy flowing all around

The balance of the ying yang energies and connection to the moon energies was so relaxing yet enchanting and enlightening in the evening practice that came with week 4 practice. It has definitely been an amazing, opening, calming and centering experience with the energies, with the life force that roams every crevice of the body, mind and soul.

Week 5 Power Sessions has integrated everything learned from Week 1 into morning and evening POWER energy sessions. Just 10 minutes each day to realign, reawaken and reconnect & 10 minutes each night to release, clear, cleanse and realign once again.  I love it!

Practicing Qigong has expanded the consciousness, surrendered the ego and RE Activated the forgotten codes and connections to my true essence, my higher self

Qigong brings you into alignment with your energy bodies, and as such everything just begins to flow into place ~ synchronistic events increased, instant manifestations, deeper etheric connections, acceptance and allowance of every moment with balance in mind, body and spirit

This has truly been the experience of a lifetime, I feel reconnected with the God Self, I remember my histories of lifetimes spent, and I continuously RE Activate and RE Member ALL THAT IS, WILL BE AND HAS BEEN ~

RE CONNECTION and RE TURN to the Divine Sacred Feminine &  PA RAY RA



QiGong Chronicles ~ Week 2!

Aaah. It’s week 2. This week has been filled with emotional rides. Taking me from bliss to sadness, and round and round again thanks to the numerous situations around me and of course, the full moon! I’m sure Venus has some play as well, she’s one of the planets that are out and about – not to mention that mercury retrograde *deep sigh, covers face*

In those tough moments, I think QiGong! Deep breaths into the stomach, keeping inhales and exhales even with positive, loving thoughts. QiGong has really given me a process to lift my vibration almost instantly so I was looking forward to week 2 and it has not disappointed.

I don’t feel as shifted as I do from week 1, but I do feel alot more energy flowing! I notice that I can connect to energy in seconds when it used to take me minutes. I’m more aware, more grounded and realistic (yay for that, I’m a Pisces so I tend to have my head in the clouds) andd generally just more calm and confident.

I’m finding that things are just happening so much easier and things just flow. I believe one of the greatest gifts I’m receiving from QiGong is letting go, surrender. Really learning and being able to trust and garner support and provision from (my) inner essence has been key.

So, if you haven’t already guessed, Week 2 is about calming and building chi (qi). Just beautiful. And the course is so fluid, it has been an easy transition into week 2 and I’m looking forward to finishing up and flowing into week 3.

~ Living for Love ~

~ Namaste


Qigong Chronicles ~ Week 1

Having recently completed my first Reiki attunement, I am on a natural essence-connected journey to learn other healing modalities. After a week or two of intenting to be shown the way to my next adventure, which I hoped so would involve some travel, I have found or rather Qigong has found me. Perhaps some travel will come and is in the near future – that would be lovely! So here am I, and here you are with me, stepping upon a new path in the modality of healing.

A little background on Qigong. One of the many ancient healing techniques, Qigong has much similarities to TaiChi and Reiki. Qigong though moves slower, if at all, than TaiChi. Allowing for a stillness of mind and building of the sacred, divine energy. Qigong’s positions are quite different from that of Reiki and is a self healing process ~ one heals as they learn. Conscious awakening and expansion, all at once!

The course is 4 weeks and I will be taught a weekly lesson of Qigong every week. Here I go!


It’s day one of week 1 and I already feel expanded ~ living and aware of more energy. From me, cleansing and clearing is the most tedious. I just can’tseem to offload that lower vibration completely. I’ll keep it off and at bay for a very long time, but it finds a way sometimes to creep back in.

It is a constant clearing and cleansing process that we are a part of and Qigong brings that to life along with the active and grounding aspects.

Sensei Tristan and Sensei Peter are amazing and I am forever grateful for the lessons I’m learning.

As day 2 and day 3 flow by, I feel myself actually more relaxed and at peace. I find it easier to slip into a state of joy and happiness and more able to send love to a person or situation that might have otherwise introduced an alternative effect , one not as pleasing. But with the foundation of Qigong, I feel ready and able to claim my day and every moment in it.

I have also noticed that I am calmer and more revitalized, daring and confident! Amazing! I. Feel. Good. And I realize that the universe has been , as of recent, nudging me to reach out and support and consider others alot more.

I feel like I’m in a whole new place in life, connecting and listening to the flow that is all around and within.

Surrendering the ego as I fill my head, mind, soul and body with that which is of the spirit

I am ready for week 2! It is so much easier to flow with my true feelings and express my true self. I use love intention in every single moment, especially that I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of fear, worry, guilt or not being true to myself. Qigong has started a beautiful transformation within my life and I feel great.

~ Namaste