I am still hurt by the way you left ,

Lies so easily webbed ,

Theft of my pride , though I’m glad it left..

Hurt is a new shirt that I wear , invisible to the rest.


So many were around , and there were none

That’s how you know where the real ones stand


Sad and Dreary , Hurt and Shunned Completely

Oh What A Mess! My Head and Heart

Such Duress!


I am still angry by the way you disappeared ,

Closed your eyes, pretended I wasn’t there .

Laughter and Scorn, I felt it in the air ;

Thank God ! There is a Man upstairs.


I am still here and in repair ,

Keeping my distance , not that you care .


Agenda is everyone’s game ,

I don’t want to play .


I am still happy, grateful, and blessed .

Some would never understand ,

Their heart is such a mess .

And honestly, put to the test..they could not stand it all for a sec!


I am still beauty – inside and outside ,

Though you say I’ve been dirtied

That was just smoke clouds .


See the air rising,

Clearing a new morn,

Out steps a Woman,

Completely Reborn

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