QiGong Chronicles ~ Week 2!

Aaah. It’s week 2. This week has been filled with emotional rides. Taking me from bliss to sadness, and round and round again thanks to the numerous situations around me and of course, the full moon! I’m sure Venus has some play as well, she’s one of the planets that are out and about – not to mention that mercury retrograde *deep sigh, covers face*

In those tough moments, I think QiGong! Deep breaths into the stomach, keeping inhales and exhales even with positive, loving thoughts. QiGong has really given me a process to lift my vibration almost instantly so I was looking forward to week 2 and it has not disappointed.

I don’t feel as shifted as I do from week 1, but I do feel alot more energy flowing! I notice that I can connect to energy in seconds when it used to take me minutes. I’m more aware, more grounded and realistic (yay for that, I’m a Pisces so I tend to have my head in the clouds) andd generally just more calm and confident.

I’m finding that things are just happening so much easier and things just flow. I believe one of the greatest gifts I’m receiving from QiGong is letting go, surrender. Really learning and being able to trust and garner support and provision from (my) inner essence has been key.

So, if you haven’t already guessed, Week 2 is about calming and building chi (qi). Just beautiful. And the course is so fluid, it has been an easy transition into week 2 and I’m looking forward to finishing up and flowing into week 3.

~ Living for Love ~

~ Namaste