Taste of Poetry

I felt the bitterness creeping up in me
It made me so sad to see
the better parts of me hurting
And I promised to thee
to never let the past, present or future incarcerate me,affect me, or reduce me
rather it uplifts me, loves me, learns and teaches me, expands and rejuvenates me
I choose rather to soar
Where do you hide?
Where do you hide
Between the spaces of mind
in unwritten lines
Where do you go
when I look forward to meeting you so
Time and time again
our worlds collide with ink and pen
What is it that you seek
when you only sometimes show up to speak
peeking through the creative curtains of ingenuity


Web of perfection
transparent disguise

constant in flow
through all life she goes
protected, sometimes barely detected
Many names
This all seeing eye
creator of universe,
planets and skies
She is one of a kind
Soft wind kisses
she brings with the tide
cleansing and healing
soothes all aching
her love
A magical presence
divine experience
omnipresent in stride
She is essence
the essence of life
Divine Feminine
Is it the mystery of me that you find so elusively sexy
Is it walk my talk that keeps you coming back to me
Is it my eyes my stare the way I wear my hair
Is it my smile, my lips the way my cheeks curve a bit
Oh yes, oh yes, it is all these things
It is my divine feminine

Be Mine

Whirlwind love

Has captured me

so unexpectedly

Seduction at its best.

Me, the temptress

my match, I have met

What a beautiful view we make

These walls, we easily walk through

Brings closer, us and the truth.

An unseen place

Filled of heart-felt vibes

Where mystery lay waits with surprise

Love yearning

Hearts fall in line

All caught in feelings..

 Your hand against mine

Eyes intertwined

Emotions running high

Taking each other to the newest of heights

Somewhere in it all

We lose our minds

Outside disappears

And our love is the night

Be mine

Won’t you say you’ll be mine


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