For centuries we have been living a ying-yang life, black and white, this or that, yes or no, a duality based world & existence.

With the rise of consciousness, the awakening of our greater and higher faculties – we connect to higher faculties of the mind which receives it greatest transmittance through a singularity based experience

This awakening and re-aligning of our energies has us doing yoga more often, eating more ‘green’ food, using more ‘green’ appliances, thinking more humanely and positively . Just an upful, faith filled way of living with a tendency towards authenticness

Gone of the days of wanting war and separation and disparity. The general vibration of mankind now is to rise , to heal our bodies ,and eat, more naturally

All this is in response to the rekindled fire in our bodies, our minds and our souls that is pressing us forward towards alignment with all parts of ourselves.

This year should have been, and was one of the most trying for most, if not all, of us. The final peeling back of our masks, as we take our time to realign with the truth inside, follow our passions and say, do and be what feels right. No more, he or she, now the focus is upon WE.  And as we awaken, one by one, moment by moment, we are given the choice daily of living in Love, Peace and Unity. Oneness. See ourselves as ONE, with every ONE living their full potential contributing to the best world for all


honour divine
Green is the colour that represents the balance our our higher and lower energy centers (chakras) , our ying and yang qualities and experiences, where they both exist in pure and full expression ~ Divine Unification


Woman in the middle – Enlightment

woman in the middle

where do you stand

right front left and center i replied

right left center is where you ought to be he sauntered

well that i’ll never be

for i wasn’t meant to be a slave to physical characters


i was born free to live and experience

the vicinities of essence

Hunterian_Psalter_c._1170_Eve_spinning_woman in the middle (ages)

the rapture

the holy grail

the true unveiling

the self revealingness

the Enlightenment.

we are 1

every number is divisible by 1

showing the connection of everything to ‘ONE’ , ‘ONENESS’

This signifies and shows us that everything is ONE

Starts from one and ultimately returns it…even though we never really left.

There is only a perception that we have left the place of wholesome, of totality.. but in essence, it is we and we are it. So we are always it and it is always with, within and around us.


There is no question that doesn’t have an answer and we therefore have no problems

I am seeking what I already am

And who is I , the great knower, all powerful I

I is the infiniteness, the vast and greatness we feel when we close our eyes and imagine the world around us getting bigger, the space around us growing and expanding and evolving in harmony and peace. That is I. That is 1.

Interestingly enough , I represents the number 1 from the age of the romans (roman numerals)

Do BE Do Be Do

*Let it be known that all is for one and one is for all

we are 1

~ Namaste


Detachment from the Self-Identity

This beautiful, inspiring and soul touching piece ( link to article below) helps us to see that we are not our minds nor our bodies but that we are as eternal as the essence of the Oneness Cosmic Energy that flows through everything and everyone.

Being able to detach from everyday experiences brings a higher view and understanding of all life. It brings acceptance, allowance and reverence for every moment that flows.

As we become more detached from the everyday sequences, we start to see, feel and hear things differently ~ we broaden our perspective to extend beyond ourselves to the whole collective. And this extension is what brings deep understanding and wisdom expanding our consciousness and reuniting us with the true essence of our being

Detachment with the Self-Identity, gives you Clear Perspective towards Life..


awaken-defaultI always felt addicted to the dark…

Simply because I didn’t fit in anywhere else. I had always felt outkasted, different and a bit crazy.. after all I did ( and still do) believe in magic and that’s rarely accepted by society and its followers. I also believed ( and still believe) that we are all worthy even though I felt so unworthy within myself because I couldn’t find a way to fit in to societal realms.

For a long time I felt that I HAD to fit in to be worthy, to be good, to be close to trueness. I did so many things to be seen, to fit in, to be on top..but nothing has set me free like being true to the essence within me.

Nothing has set me free like being true to the essence within me

In April 2012, I received the wake call that changed my life forever. I became unable to stray from my internal truth, and as revelation after revelation came to me – I found myself constantly on my knees, in constant meditation and in constant search for something greater because everything I thought I was, everything I thought I wanted…no longer mattered and no longer resonated with me.

The truth I had once known was null and void, and a greater and more all-encompassing, loving truth was unfolding with every moment of breath.

The truth I had once known was null and void

It took some time to accept my differences after trying so long to be in the social limelight, it took some time for me to be ‘real’ with myself, and it took some time to accept myself for all the light and dark contrasts that I am. It took time to know that all that I am is perfectly ordained and right – I am unique spark of divine

Through it all I have learned that to be myself I must stay true even if it doesn’t align with another’s truth; for we are all the light – from the core we shine, we are all the truth. We are all here to live our individual truths and reconnect to the universal/cosmic truth – the place of oneness and trueness where all that we are, no matter how unconventional and crude, is a part of the eternal, living and ever-expanding truth.

So no matter where you have been, what you have done – the God within you is never gone. Only patiently waiting for you to bang on the door of eternal love, and once we walk through that door we enter the truth that we are one, we are god, we are what we seek, we are the beginning and the ending. The creator and the created.

~ From whence we came, we shall return

The Power of Melanin

We-are-as-strong-as-the lover and warrior within

The melanin flowing through my veins has always been up for discussion, since before my birth. And even now the argument is not quite clear.

Because of the melanin flowing through my veins I am supposed to believe that I’m not as good as my fellow beings of light without the melanin impregnit.

WE are all essentially made of earth ~ consistency existing of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen and oxygen. This is also found in our atmosphere ~ which makes up this beautiful planet that we call Earth, which is the natural by-product of stars in action, which is evidence enough that we are entities of the universes. Children of beautiful manifest, that is what magnificence we are.
So when there are a few that have taken it upon themselves to say that they are better than others, that is due to a lack of self empowerment and seeking outside of one’s self for approval.

With self empowerment, one realizes that the potential within one exists within all. So people that act, think and look different from you and yours are not of lesser or greater being, they are just simply a part of God’s divine manifest expressing their truest self in the moment -just as are you. Think with love, Be love and dare yourself not to judge – but just be accepting of each and every soul.

The mayans, aborginals, the aztecs, and the nepals were all people of dark complexion due to the essence of melanin in their makeup.

From what I know about the universe, she is constantly growing and expanding and everything happens for a reason. So I know that the melanin in this skin of mine and in millions of other dark skinned peoples is right. And it has a special purpose on this land and I will not accept any talk of removing or bleaching/diluting our birthright.

While some continue to distract people with foolishness of differences, the real truth for unification is kept secret.

But all in the dark must come to light ~ as we all ascend and grow conscious of our true essence; we will see the veil drop, twisted lies exposed and truth will rise

A universal unification of power, love and grace ~ The Power of Melanin

The 12 Lost Tribes Of Judah

A New Race/Consciousness Born Out Of The Darkness

We will fight with all our might, opening the gates of oppression as we rise

We are as strong as the lover and the warrior within us

~ Namaste my fellow melanin lovers and love & light warriors