The Love of Siblings – 5 why they stick!

Blood is thicker than water.
That’s the usual line you hear from people when they mention family situations and relations. And it so true. Over the years I’ve been through so many ups and downs with my family, especially my siblings! But every time I needed support or was feeling down, talking to my siblings was always cure. And I believe that in the years to come the bond will only thicken.
Yes, there are those times we feel annoyed, overwhelmed and even out of sync with our siblings but those times are quickly overlooked when we are deep in the waters of life and looking for a life boat which is most always handed to us by a family member – and more so, our siblings. And why is that? Well..
1. They are our first loves
Yup! They sure are. Who else would help you when you’re in trouble. Lift you up when you’re feeling sad and talk you through the most doubtful times in your does it quite like a sibling.
2. They know you!
Our siblings know us inside-out. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. They are the ones your ‘other half’ can go to and get all ‘the dish’ on who you were at seventeen. I bet now you wish you were nicer! (lol, I sure do!)
3. They understand those glances and side-eyes
No-one but your siblings will understand what that looks across the table means when your family does the usual inappropriate or over-the-top things they do. Our siblings know what a wiggle of the nose means as you listen to your parents talk. It’s like you guys are connected by some sixth sense – you just intuitively know what each other mean when you say something or even if you don’t exchange words. There is just that bond.
4. They will be with you forever
Being born into the same family, sharing thoughts, planning events for your parents..all these things create a connection that will last a lifetime. Even if we don’t talk for months, once my siblings and I get to talking it’s like we were never apart. As we grow older, our siblings become more and more important to us; and in life or death they are always with us.
5. They are our mentors, teachers
Whether siblings are older or younger, we all learn from each other. As much as we give to them in advice and lessons learned from personal experience, they give us the same and even more. Siblings teach us to love ourselves, accept ourselves and to be ourselves no matter what – after all, if they can love us as we are, so can everybody else 🙂
And that’s why they stick! Siblings we love ’em and stay with ’em for life

Emancipendence – As We Set Free

Who are we
The mothers,daughters, fathers, sons – descendants of those that came before us
Those who, each in their own way,
helped to shape the way we live today

And though we are not fully there,
still stumbling in the dark before sunrise
we continue to strive,
strive for the better and lighted days
this is why we rise

There are days gone
filled with dirt, dust and rain
and though some still remain
floating on by, enlightening us with the last of their lessons
we begin to see the sun again

Lift not only heads and eyes
but also hearts and minds
and Rise into the new dawning sky

Uplift yourself
Then turn around & help another,
Uplift another

Talk down not one another
but see his or her flaws
and help him/her transform
your greatness is there to help another
as another’s greatness is to help you

Only together shall we rise
Only together shall we emancipate into the light
Only together shall truth rise
as we step together, independence clothed
into the new,risen and enlightened life