Got It Bad ( I know)

nina simone

I’ve got it bad
and that ain’t no good

The way you pop up
and pop in

Upon my response
you’re gone again

Oh what a thing

Oh I know it
it ain’t no good thing

that I love him

I know, I know
it’s no good thing
that I love me some him

he always stays away so long
then comes back – rushing bull

Oh I know , I know
it ain’t no good thing
no good thing
that I love me some him



Who I Am

Who I am is no thing to you
Who am I to be so strong, so hard
yet so soft, so uncompromised
Who are you to not do what you say
Who are you to judge what I do
and what I say
Who am I to be beautiful
Who am I to be lost in despair
Who am I to be searching for the star
That star I’m sure is within my heart
Who I am… Who am I
Who I am is no thing to you

Living Authentic-ly


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