Releasing the Dragons

The Good Dragon and the Bad Dragon

(photo cred: dragoart, mayan ouroboruos)


Their story is the usual good and bad theme, but what if good and bad, becomes our greatest strength.  Instead of duality, we have ONE conscious livity. Life is all about accepting and embracing the devil  (dark, mystic, and unconforming) and god (love, light and understanding)  aspects of ourselves, bringing balance, love, and understanding into our life about our self – bringing forth our greatest BEING , our HIGHEST SELF, OUR SOURCE SELF through which we are manifesting great things moment by moment.  The more we recognize this TRUE SELF, SOURCE SELF, we are open to the limitless potential that is ever present

We all deserve love. EVERY PART OF US DESERVES LOVE, THE GOOD (GOD) and The BAD (DEVIL)  – btw the way check out DEVIL spelled backwards, LIVED.


ALL THE LIVING PARTS OF US needs and wants to be expressed, and we must freely allow them to do so with the natural understanding of the natural law of the universes, karma. What one soweth, that shall one reap. Everything is balance and everything is ‘you get what you give’.


Stay Balanced and Grounded and Loving Folks!


Be at peace with those parts of your self ~ if you have to talk it out, walk it out, laugh it out, cry about it,  think it out, whatever you have to do. Just do it (just like Nike said)! Get to doing something that brings you peace of mind and you won’t ever have to wonder if you are on you’re path. You will know. Simply because you are following the path of love, joy and what makes you happy and content in life. And if you loving what you do, there will always be peace of mind , and peace in your life.


Stable grounding with the elements