we are 1

every number is divisible by 1

showing the connection of everything to ‘ONE’ , ‘ONENESS’

This signifies and shows us that everything is ONE

Starts from one and ultimately returns it…even though we never really left.

There is only a perception that we have left the place of wholesome, of totality.. but in essence, it is we and we are it. So we are always it and it is always with, within and around us.


There is no question that doesn’t have an answer and we therefore have no problems

I am seeking what I already am

And who is I , the great knower, all powerful I

I is the infiniteness, the vast and greatness we feel when we close our eyes and imagine the world around us getting bigger, the space around us growing and expanding and evolving in harmony and peace. That is I. That is 1.

Interestingly enough , I represents the number 1 from the age of the romans (roman numerals)

Do BE Do Be Do

*Let it be known that all is for one and one is for all

we are 1

~ Namaste