Hue-man Experience

We are all intricately woven
none separate from each other
all travelling along together
each filled with a purpose
theΒ task incarnating on Earth is to remember and carry out that purpose
that deed we promised our soul to keep
to reveal in the most necessary and needed time
We are all that we think we are and more
made of stars, dust and matter
planets and galaxies near and far off this terrestial plane

Rugged and disdained this journey might be
til we switch up our perspects you see
indeed. that is all we need to be able to see
beauty, passion, fullfillment and purpose
in every holographic film that streams past us

You my dear, are physical and yet you are spiritual
you are the seen and the unseen
the beginning and the end of every story you write and live in
you are the yin and yang, the Qigong (chi-gong)

but most of all my dear,
you are a spiritual being having a hue-man experience