Today my heart had much to say..
The past few days my mind has had so much to replay..
These gone weeks my eyes had much to see, observe, and let be..
These flying months life has had much to teach..

As I flowed to the one place I know to go,
When heart, mind, body and soul just cannot help but overflow..
I made a discovery as I sat quietly,
breathing the fresh of morning air.

Softening my heart again
Rebalancing my mind
Purging my eyes
I felt my body unwind

This must be it ! , I thought
As the tossles of life melt away..
And peace came and had its way..
This must be it, This must be it..
The ability to connect with that which is unseen, yet so greatly felt..
The beautiful serenity it brings..



there is no fear

fear does not exist

LIVE your dreams my dear

Choose to live the dreams you want the most

keep intention clear of ego energy

it will have you believe the worst

but the best is just in ,

Just come. Step In To Your Greatest Destiny


Emancipendence – As We Set Free

Who are we
The mothers,daughters, fathers, sons – descendants of those that came before us
Those who, each in their own way,
helped to shape the way we live today

And though we are not fully there,
still stumbling in the dark before sunrise
we continue to strive,
strive for the better and lighted days
this is why we rise

There are days gone
filled with dirt, dust and rain
and though some still remain
floating on by, enlightening us with the last of their lessons
we begin to see the sun again

Lift not only heads and eyes
but also hearts and minds
and Rise into the new dawning sky

Uplift yourself
Then turn around & help another,
Uplift another

Talk down not one another
but see his or her flaws
and help him/her transform
your greatness is there to help another
as another’s greatness is to help you

Only together shall we rise
Only together shall we emancipate into the light
Only together shall truth rise
as we step together, independence clothed
into the new,risen and enlightened life

Releasing the Dragons

The Good Dragon and the Bad Dragon

(photo cred: dragoart, mayan ouroboruos)


Their story is the usual good and bad theme, but what if good and bad, becomes our greatest strength.  Instead of duality, we have ONE conscious livity. Life is all about accepting and embracing the devil  (dark, mystic, and unconforming) and god (love, light and understanding)  aspects of ourselves, bringing balance, love, and understanding into our life about our self – bringing forth our greatest BEING , our HIGHEST SELF, OUR SOURCE SELF through which we are manifesting great things moment by moment.  The more we recognize this TRUE SELF, SOURCE SELF, we are open to the limitless potential that is ever present

We all deserve love. EVERY PART OF US DESERVES LOVE, THE GOOD (GOD) and The BAD (DEVIL)  – btw the way check out DEVIL spelled backwards, LIVED.


ALL THE LIVING PARTS OF US needs and wants to be expressed, and we must freely allow them to do so with the natural understanding of the natural law of the universes, karma. What one soweth, that shall one reap. Everything is balance and everything is ‘you get what you give’.


Stay Balanced and Grounded and Loving Folks!


Be at peace with those parts of your self ~ if you have to talk it out, walk it out, laugh it out, cry about it,  think it out, whatever you have to do. Just do it (just like Nike said)! Get to doing something that brings you peace of mind and you won’t ever have to wonder if you are on you’re path. You will know. Simply because you are following the path of love, joy and what makes you happy and content in life. And if you loving what you do, there will always be peace of mind , and peace in your life.


Stable grounding with the elements

Who I Am

Who I am is no thing to you
Who am I to be so strong, so hard
yet so soft, so uncompromised
Who are you to not do what you say
Who are you to judge what I do
and what I say
Who am I to be beautiful
Who am I to be lost in despair
Who am I to be searching for the star
That star I’m sure is within my heart
Who I am… Who am I
Who I am is no thing to you


a look at numbers tells you the world, the universe is  continually expanding. so infinity is actually real, it exists. It is one’s path to infinity that we can now learn to shift by being conscious of our actions, our goals, our dreams, and our inspired actions taken to manifest those dreams.

These actions which represent one’s path taken, or rather chosen, move us towards the state of infinity – the state of manifestation of our dreams and greatest wishes. It is the place that we are most calm and evened out, balanced and centered.

It is the movement in the direction of Happiness.

One might have thought, or thinks, that infinity is just a state from the math books,  but it is much more than that. It is an actual particle, a position, a space in time –  which can be accessed through many different ways – infinite ways. The fact that there are endless ways to get to our goals means that we just need to understand, acknowledge and REMEMBER that we can do anything we want. All we need is persistence, awareness and connection with the Higher Aspects of ourselves that can help and guide us towards the manifestation (attainment) of our dreams – our personal infinity vibration and space

ReMember you are not this body, this body that you tote on the stage of physical reality. You are a being of infinite realities, a being of love  and so light-filled that you are bursting at the seams. Remember yourself for all that you are and all that you can be and already are. ~ archAngels

we are 1

every number is divisible by 1

showing the connection of everything to ‘ONE’ , ‘ONENESS’

This signifies and shows us that everything is ONE

Starts from one and ultimately returns it…even though we never really left.

There is only a perception that we have left the place of wholesome, of totality.. but in essence, it is we and we are it. So we are always it and it is always with, within and around us.


There is no question that doesn’t have an answer and we therefore have no problems

I am seeking what I already am

And who is I , the great knower, all powerful I

I is the infiniteness, the vast and greatness we feel when we close our eyes and imagine the world around us getting bigger, the space around us growing and expanding and evolving in harmony and peace. That is I. That is 1.

Interestingly enough , I represents the number 1 from the age of the romans (roman numerals)

Do BE Do Be Do

*Let it be known that all is for one and one is for all

we are 1

~ Namaste


Loving Myself – The best thing I’ve ever done

Loving myself is the best thing i ever did

It opened my heart and my light

Allowed me to let go of all the things that no longer serve me
and gave my self to the abundance that is me  – and oh yes! I take flight!

Sometimes it makes me feel immortal

So filled with light and continuous – In flow with the conscious cosmic energy that surround we

We are the part of a great system of life – An ever expanding and loving energy/essence filled with limitless possibilities

I Love Me

I Love We

I Love – Unconditionally

doesnt matter we are abundant and light

Living Anxiety

I have been anxious to be myself my whole life. Anxious to show people who I really am

Anxious to do my own thing. Anxious to do things that I love. Soo much that I developed impatience

which lead to a overjumping of things

which lead to me feeling disappointed.

I came into this world very ready to have a beautiful life

And I have felt disappointed for a very long time

Admitting that I have depression and anxiety is A BIG STEP. So much it makes me ANXIOUS!


Anxiety propels depression which in turn propels fear. Fear then propels self-sabotage.

Have you ever reached a point of your life where good things are starting to happen, prospects looking up and then just the thought of it causes your chest to tighten and breathing accelerated – anxiety kicks in and all the fears with it, sometimes you even feel yourself stop breathing in hopes to make the fear-mongering thoughts roll away. But they don’t.

They don’t go anywhere until you begin to take deeper breaths and bring your self to the present moment.

Being in the present moment allows the mind to focus on the things that are in the NOW, leaving hopes and dreams to safely and easily pervade the universal consciousness to manifest in the most beautiful ways and in the most divine timing.

~ Bits & Pieces Of An Anxious Mind