Women Lives Matter

It only takes a glance in the news, a look around the corner and in our daily lives to see the way women are treated on daily basis.


We have all come across the discrimination that silently or loudly screams in our face ” You aren’t enough”, ” You don’t really matter” , ” You aren’t much”, ” I can do better with or without you” .

These are just a few of the messages that ,we, women receive from the world around us and even from our selves.

How can the lives of women not matter? Women are the bearers of life. The sacred vessel that carries the spirit as it forms the body through which it experiences the world.

Such a unique, beautiful and sacred creation of Spirit should be treated with such reverence and love so that it can evolve into its greatest potential. Instead, it is shunned, pushed aside and hidden. But for how long can this be? 

In a world where the feminine has been oppressed for centuries through religion, government and social laws – When is enough, enough for the mistreatment of the woman – an equal member of society and life as the man.

Why is it always the women to suffer? From being killed for not adhering to social laws to being abducted from schools, to being abused. All because she, the woman, chooses to follow her own way, her God/Spirit given path.

Countless examples surround us, including the ones below that show us that the War on Women is real and we MUST do what we can, when we can to bring it to an end.



It is sad to see women being bartered and used as tools of war, but better days are ahead of us women. Better days are right ahead. Continue to speak up, stand out, shine and sparkle. We are the ones that are needed to bring this world into balance and into balance it will come.

*To The Women Of The World*


Living Anxiety

I have been anxious to be myself my whole life. Anxious to show people who I really am

Anxious to do my own thing. Anxious to do things that I love. Soo much that I developed impatience

which lead to a overjumping of things

which lead to me feeling disappointed.

I came into this world very ready to have a beautiful life

And I have felt disappointed for a very long time

Admitting that I have depression and anxiety is A BIG STEP. So much it makes me ANXIOUS!


Anxiety propels depression which in turn propels fear. Fear then propels self-sabotage.

Have you ever reached a point of your life where good things are starting to happen, prospects looking up and then just the thought of it causes your chest to tighten and breathing accelerated – anxiety kicks in and all the fears with it, sometimes you even feel yourself stop breathing in hopes to make the fear-mongering thoughts roll away. But they don’t.

They don’t go anywhere until you begin to take deeper breaths and bring your self to the present moment.

Being in the present moment allows the mind to focus on the things that are in the NOW, leaving hopes and dreams to safely and easily pervade the universal consciousness to manifest in the most beautiful ways and in the most divine timing.

~ Bits & Pieces Of An Anxious Mind