For The Awakened Woman ~ Rising Phoenix & Goddess

Who are you?
How do you define yourself?

Is AUTHENTIC in those words of description ? For an awakened, or awakening woman – being authentic is a must. This authenticity is easily expressed when we are in our own space and energy, but what happens when we get out into the world? Especially around dense energies, like heavily programmed and instituted patriarchal men? How can we, as women, express our truth without offending the wounded and overly compensating masculine energy that develops an authoritative, and controlling ego. And I have to ask why do men get so flustered and bothered, and even at times angry when a woman speaks out and stands up for herself, and for others, in a way that the man might deem ‘inappropriate’ or ‘rude’ or ‘feisty’…

Who the heck are MEN to tell a WOMAN how to act, speak, think or feel. I’m tired of this patriarchal view of life that men are still clinging is evident that women are just as worthy as they are – uprising of female leaders, speakers, etc.

Not that any proof is needed to show that men and women are equal because

~ we are ALL innately superheroes and angels,
we all have the spark of divinity within us ~

Personally, I think women (and all other stigmatized groups, including the noble ‘true’ man) are the changers of the future.

Β Only those who have been at the bottom, can make it to the top and make a substantial difference that affects the majority and not the minority.



The pOlaRitY game

The polarity game ~ the tug of war of energy

When truly we want what we choose

We choose what we want

With every vibration and in every moment

We choose and are choosing what we want, yea

So choose what you want

just because you want itdragonswisdom_tellerdiaries

And Expand and Explore in it

Been a lot a places

done alot a things

and the best yet


I’m still


Puzzle Piece

We are taught
that being different
is an issue,
a problem,
an err or sthing eiry .Well.
It’s not.
And you being different is not a problem
– its a resolvent
a fitting piece of the puzzle ~ And btw, do you realize that no two pieces puzzles look the same? THEY ALL have THEIR OWN SHAPES, SIZES AND USES , PURPOSES
Be the puzzle piece you were meant to be