The Revolution of a Predisposed Society

Why do men try to hide their feminine aspects, essenc3e ? Assuming it is a form of weakness to let them free. And women fight to cover up anything that portrays the masculine so as not to overrun or intimidate their male counterpart..
And really there is no feminine or masculine, no yin or yang.. let’s call them what they are – energies. Balancing energies of the physical dimension. So to separate them and say one is ‘masculine’ and the other is ‘feminine’, causes us to feel like as women, we shouldn’t do masculine things nor act masculine and men feel like they shouldn’t do feminine things nor act feminine.

Such a boxed view that society has become accustomed. So much so that when a man acts feminine, he is looked at disapprovingly by society and when a woman acts masculine, the same..  mental and emotionally, and then finally physically forcing us back into our little cubicles of appropriate behaviour..

Thank God for the LGBT PRIDE Revolution and other Rebel Groups – Movements like these break the mold.

Being forced to stay in the box – we hold on to so much and too much.
Soon it all starts to get heavy, feeling like a burden. Then resentfulness sets in, and soon everything becomes a burden and one soon forgets that he or she is actually living. Moments are dwindled to minutes and seconds – and the fact that every moment is a miracle, just awaiting our acknowledgement and participation, gets completely forgotten.

It’s Time To Break Away From Our Cubicles, Our Comfortable Space and Step Into the Scary Unknown which is also the place of Infinite Creation & Manifestation.

Bring back what the late 60’s & entire 70’s and some 80’s had – Free Spirit, Free Thought, Ingenious Ideas and Creations. Unity. Peace. Upliftment. Breaking Out Of The Patterns Of Society.

Men. Women. Children. The time is NOW! – Express yourself freely. No Inhibitions. No Expectations. Just You Being You. Fully. Unapologetically.