Woman in the middle – Enlightment

woman in the middle

where do you stand

right front left and center i replied

right left center is where you ought to be he sauntered

well that i’ll never be

for i wasn’t meant to be a slave to physical characters


i was born free to live and experience

the vicinities of essence

Hunterian_Psalter_c._1170_Eve_spinning_woman in the middle (ages)

the rapture

the holy grail

the true unveiling

the self revealingness

the Enlightenment.



Beyond the darkness there is light

Beyond the hurt, a whole new world

Beyond the pain, a place where you reign


It takes a grip in the most subtle of ways,

Piercing and puncturing – the ache.

Been there are few times,

Enduring and learning as we rise

Lonely a road can be at times

for the empath of this world.

There is a lot of energy to go around,

And regret at times takes its toll


Tears streaming down the face

is the usual remedy –

As the mind clears,

and the strength and the fire returns.

Refueling the insides as they heal and grow from the hurt


See it now , beyond   –

how the pain becomes pleasure

through a physical experiential endeavour