Jamaica – The Sell-out Story


When is enough, enough?

WE have sold every inch of Jamaica. Will our government move to selling the people next? When is enough, enough.

From British, to America, and now the Chinese. For a people who harp on being an independent country and throws million dollar celebrations in regards to independence.. the selling of Goat Island is a complete slap in the face to the people, illogical and selfish thinking on the government and an undermining and deterioration of our ‘independent’ state.

How many times must we go through the same thing? When will we as a people stand up and speak out. The power is in our numbers. We can get together to cheer on our fellow citizens when all is going well. But as soon as ‘hard times’ roll in, the majority sits back while just a few are brave enough to get up and rally against the injustice that is continuously undertaken by our government towards the people and the land and the water surrounding our beautiful and mystical country.

What are we afraid of? Why aren’t our voices being heard, even if it is just a few. Why is our government selling out what so many have fought, died and shed blood to protect and provide for? How many times will our people hear the same stories, and believe them? Even when we KNOW, that nothing comes of the juicy fibs that the government gives us to soothe any fears and retaliation.

Let’s look at some case points…

Goat Islands – One of Jamaica’s best kept secrets has been sold off like cattle. Even with the numerous attempts to stop the sale and bring awareness to the ecological detriment of disrupting the Goat Islands environment, the Jamaican government has continued on with the plan of action for the island to be ‘fixed up’ and turned into a Chinese Logistics hub. Promising jobs and whatever else as usual… Read this article from National Geographic on ‘Saving Goat Islands’ –> http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/2014/04/22/saving-goat-islands-jamaica/

Coastal Lands – Most of Jamaica’s coastal lands are not owned by Jamaicans, they are owned by international investors. Now. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with have international investors BUT can we be smart about it? Can our government negotiate for our people and our country, instead of their pockets and own interests?

Here go the Chinese again: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20141002/chinese-want-lands-next-dunns-river

Public Services/Utilities – Now this is the worst in my opinion. How can you barefacedly sell out your country’s own income. Not one of our public services is 100% state-owned…what a god damn shame. And shut the hell up about not being able to maintain. Where there is a will, there is a way. For a country so damn doused in religion, it’s about time we start having some faith in ourselves instead of fanning out to every buyer that waves a pretty coin in our face…

Is THIS the land that we love??!! If so, WHY ARE WE NOT LOVING IT ?! Caring for It? And Protecting It.

It is time for a change..else change will be timing us..

~ Voices ready to be heard.


Being a man


Being a man doesn’t require being ‘hard’. All the time

Being a man is being able to know when to be ‘soft’ and when to be ‘hard’

Being a woman doesn’t require being ‘soft’.

Being a woman is about being able to know when to be ‘hard’ and when to be’ soft’

Being who you are is most important and since we don’t know what the next moment holds

We must be flexible, able to flatten, roll up and roll down the hills and valleys of life

Be your own spicy and chewy, malleable self expression of life

~ Notes of the heart

The Universe’s ‘Gay’ Plan


Since my current lifetime, I have noticed that men and women have automatic roles that we just ‘socially’ fit into. And fit in we try our very best to do. From this ‘fitting in’ we now have the most rigid way of thinking about sexuality and many other aspects of our life. Women have defined roles that they must ‘play’ into or risk been unseen or unheard by society. Men must be rough and be tough, take care of the house and bring in the money. And with this thinking, our men have become slaves to society. They have traded their warm, family filled nights, for a few extra dollars in the ban, long drawn out days and sex with their secretaries because this is what they were told was their place. While women after work in the office must come home to ‘take care’ of their children and still have energy to please and satisfy her man. Just crazy. The whole structure is set up for conflict from the core. And then where do we fit the ‘unexpected outcomes’ of a gay family and gay partnerships. The gay ‘homosexual’ world has forced ‘society’ to open up and look outside the boxes that we have labelled with expectations.

Being gay, especially for men, is a brave thing right now. These are souls, spirits that have an intrinsic feminine or masculine nature even though their physical manifestation is of the opposite sex. This is the physical balancing of energy. As with society, the universe has some laws of its own. And they all exist around the understanding of energy.

With the increase in homosexuality, we see the rise in the physical manifestation of the balancing of energy. yin and yang, masculine and feminine. ANd that is the message that we have been missing all along. Because of ‘religious’ and ‘societal’ beliefs we are unable to witness the blessing and the magnificence of the universe that we consist of. The blessing of us getting in touch with our true nature which is love and compassion, as we learn and grow to accept each other unconditionally.

Within the world today,

Along with the physical manifestation of balancing energy, we are also in the time of ‘awakening’ and of ‘finding ourselves’. Withdrawing from the grounded and physical (masculine) energy, going inwards to seek and find the free, creative and spiritual (feminine) energy that we have been yearning (consciously or unconsciously). It is the mix of these energies that ushers in our ‘new consciousness’, our new ‘society’.

Unless you have been under a rock, it is evident that shifts are happening in the world, and throughout the universe. Shifts spans from highly intensified streams of energy flowing within our galaxy to increased sun ray flares to increased populations of gay people. Whether you want to see that increase in terms of homo/trans/bi sexual or from an intrinsic wholesome view that shows a steady rise in the number of happy, fulfilled persons is up to you, but either way it’s happening. It is set to continue rising as more and more persons choose to participate in activities such as meditation, yoga, eco-living,and heart-centered being. These activities relax the mind and bring rise to new ideas, thoughts and breakthroughs.

And the thoughts, ideas and breakthroughs have become more frequent as the universe’s ‘happy’ gay plan progresses, more women and men are standing up and owning themselves, each one owning their individuality. Owning their beauty and their grace and their power. And I highly suggest it continues. The power I speak of does not come from with out you, it comes from the depths within you. Allowing you to have all that you want and all that you need without thought of harm or danger. The power within you speaks of a highly cognitive and compassionate soul that welcomes abundance for one’s self and for others.

As we move towards a more fulfilling and happy ‘gay’ way of living by owning the power within us, we come to believe, know and understand that we are whole. We are whole, powerful, self-sufficient beings made up of universal atoms of light; and we have the choice to join and flow with the universal plan for a balanced, unified and harmonizing field of abundance. Here upon Earth, and throughout the ever-expanding energy field, that we call the universe.

Notes from the subconscious,

Woman ~ Bisexual ~ Spiritualist

Who is society….



I feel so broken-hearted
I feel so full of hurt and pain
It gets so hard to breathe

Some days are okay, I float through it all without a thought of you at all
But days like today, it feels I can barely make it through

And I know that I should let you go
But in my mind, your memory lives on
And every time I try to move on
You find some way back inside

I know this all will pass
But right now the air reeks of pain
filled with heartache tears

I’ll wonder how I did it
How I ever made it through
These broken-hearted days
They come and go, like you

I Learned To Be Woman


I learned to be a woman
I learned to be full of confidence
I learned to forgive
I learned to be full of love
I learned that heartbreak is not the end all

I learned to be the best I can in every moment
I learned that my best in every moment is good enough

I learned to be decisive
I learned to be kind
I learned to be kind to those worthy of my kindness
I learned my worth
I learned that I deserve, I deserve to be treated like queen
I learned that a man deserves to be treated like king
I learned to be me
I learned to trust me
I learned to love me
I learned to be true to that girl within me
I learned that I am more than this body
I learned that I am more than this mind
I learned that I am a beautiful spark of divinity
I learned that I am divinely ordained to have all I want
I learned that what I want is found in the heart
I learned that my heart is worth listening to
I learned that I am soft and fragile, I am vunerable
I learned that I can receive help
I learned that not everything that shines is gold
I learned that intuition is real, it is my inner guidance
I learned that following intuition is the best thing ever!
I learned that well-tuned discernment can save a life
I learned that acceptance of self is highly necessary in this world
I learned that acceptance of others is needed for unity and world-wide love
I learned that I can change the world, starting with myself
I learned that I am alot of different things, cannot be defined and put in a box
I learned that I am always connected to the divine, eternal pervading source
I learned that this is all temporary
I learned that spirit reigns supreme
I learned that love is all that is real
I learned that I am here for a purpose
I learned to be confident
I learned that I am woman with depths beyond the physical realms

~ Yours Truly,


The Illusionary Life ~ – to – ~ The Life of Truth

All that you have is your soul
” Don’t be tempted by the shiny apple, don’t eat of a bitter fruit
Hunger only for a taste of justice, hunger only for a taste of truth ” Tracy Chapman
There are many illusions around us and we must have a strong sense of self. A strong connection to our soul, this is the only realness that is truly tangible.
The illusions come in many ways, mine personally came as the illusion of glamour and fame. There was this unending need and want to be famous and in the limelight, to be focused upon and given unending attention.
For years I consciously and unconsciously was tempted and lead by these illusions because I didn’t have a inner grounding to be lead by. Constantly I took the shiny, glimmering paths that eventually ended in demise…simply because they were unreal, illusionary and unable to be the ‘truth’ that I so avidly sought.
Ultimately, this ‘truth’ I searched the outer world and illusions for – was in me. Patiently waiting for me to finally see the true truth that is within
As I reflect, it becomes clear that all my lovers and most past experiences were quite illusionary..meaning that these experiences were drawn into my life because of my gullible temptation to be a part of the glamour and fame illusions. Oh yes, they were all very pretty and shiny, and reflected just that to everyone else on the outside..all while on the inside I still felt empty and unfullfilled.
And as always the illusions showed me their pretty faces for a while then as with things unreal, they unravelled. And so did every single relationship. Every single thing that I chose from of the illusion.. I always ALMOST got. But almost doesn’t count and neither do those illusions because things unreal can never last forever. Only the TRUTH does that, only the truth lasts forever. And this is the greatest lesson I have learned.
After several failed relationships, several failed attempts of making something of myself, and several encounters with death,danger, and pretense.. I have finally returned to the truth. The truth which lies within.
With this truth there is no appeal to or need for the illusions. I see through them quite clearly. Before they even get a chance to enter my energy field, I choose to let them go by me, let them go by me cause my truth has set me free and opened my eyes clearly to see beyond the shiny, charming and at times, enchanting appearances that float around and within the illusionary fields.
With truth I realize that alot of the things I thought I wanted, weren’t really that important to me. I realized that I’m a simple girl, purposed to heal and passionate about artistry in its many forms and highly comfortable in the realms of magic, the seas and nature. I realize that I just want to be happy, loving what I do, and doing what I want. Everything else was just illusion – those things I thought I needed, and wanted to be fullfilled. But truth is, I am fullfilled.
Nothing to gain, nothing to lose. I am just in sync with the divine flow and through that I am fullfilled.
I no longer fear, doubt, or speculate because when in flow, when in truth, everything is always present.
~ And that is the truth ~