What have I done to you all..

but smile and shine my light for you all to see;

yet still you choose not to.

Only caught up on what you thought I was

refusing to see and believe all there is


Disdain and disparity upon me, yet still I see beyond your lies.

Reaching and connoisseur-ing beyond the headlights

– the same ones you get so caught up and busy in the shine,

as you relinquish all that you do not want to feel upon me

Yet still I rise


I am alive and well, flourishing and blossoming

just as those you felt depicted me better than me

but none can be, what the lord has ordained

sweet, sexy, fire hot and unrelentless-ly free to be all that she the black rain,

chooses to be


Beyond the disparity of gender and race,

realigned and reconnected

to the whole of her essence

your majesty, beauty full melanin, liquid gold

the queen of soul

black queen



As I bleed

As I bleed

I heal ย  ย as I bleed

As I heal

I release hate and hurt,

relief in the understanding

of every moment.

I am, the giver and the taker

the healer, destroyer, the balancer

the shadow and the light;

and as I reconcile and heal

I feel the heavens open up to thee


My wetnessย form tears that roll down my eyes and my legs

feeling a sweet release yet a tarnished flooring

blotches of clarity with red coloring

moving me forward

thru rebirthing experiences

that embraces and uplift me

sooth and caress me

understand and accept me


The pure honey of life riles through me