Emancipendence – As We Set Free

Who are we
The mothers,daughters, fathers, sons – descendants of those that came before us
Those who, each in their own way,
helped to shape the way we live today

And though we are not fully there,
still stumbling in the dark before sunrise
we continue to strive,
strive for the better and lighted days
this is why we rise

There are days gone
filled with dirt, dust and rain
and though some still remain
floating on by, enlightening us with the last of their lessons
we begin to see the sun again

Lift not only heads and eyes
but also hearts and minds
and Rise into the new dawning sky

Uplift yourself
Then turn around & help another,
Uplift another

Talk down not one another
but see his or her flaws
and help him/her transform
your greatness is there to help another
as another’s greatness is to help you

Only together shall we rise
Only together shall we emancipate into the light
Only together shall truth rise
as we step together, independence clothed
into the new,risen and enlightened life


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