For centuries we have been living a ying-yang life, black and white, this or that, yes or no, a duality based world & existence.

With the rise of consciousness, the awakening of our greater and higher faculties – we connect to higher faculties of the mind which receives it greatest transmittance through a singularity based experience

This awakening and re-aligning of our energies has us doing yoga more often, eating more ‘green’ food, using more ‘green’ appliances, thinking more humanely and positively . Just an upful, faith filled way of living with a tendency towards authenticness

Gone of the days of wanting war and separation and disparity. The general vibration of mankind now is to rise , to heal our bodies ,and eat, more naturally

All this is in response to the rekindled fire in our bodies, our minds and our souls that is pressing us forward towards alignment with all parts of ourselves.

This year should have been, and was one of the most trying for most, if not all, of us. The final peeling back of our masks, as we take our time to realign with the truth inside, follow our passions and say, do and be what feels right. No more, he or she, now the focus is upon WE.  And as we awaken, one by one, moment by moment, we are given the choice daily of living in Love, Peace and Unity. Oneness. See ourselves as ONE, with every ONE living their full potential contributing to the best world for all


honour divine
Green is the colour that represents the balance our our higher and lower energy centers (chakras) , our ying and yang qualities and experiences, where they both exist in pure and full expression ~ Divine Unification


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