The Purpose of our Shadow

There is often talk about the light, and all it’s bliss and enlightenment and purpose. But what of the shadow ? The dark,unseen, and unrevered.
What is it about this mysterious aspect of the self that we never seem to know enough about?
Shadow refers to an area that is absent of light. With reference to our personal lives, that refers to the unsettled, and sometimes unknown, parts of ourselves. The parts of our self that we try to hide from the world because we don’t think it’s ‘good enough’ to show. Truth is, every part of you, me, we – is good enough.And guess what, that part of our self that we try to squish and squash is actually where the power house of energy, passion and drive that we need to fully live life exists!   Isn’t time we face the darkness, acknowledge the shadows and make peace with all of who we are so we can be all we are meant to be and live the life we want to be living
After all, the universe (or multiverse, however one chooses to relate to the etheric realms in which we exist) has many layers, and the truth we seek lies both the light and darkness , the yin and the yang. Only through full appreciation and balance do we find the magic we seek
 The two forces of our invisible and visible lands ( spiritual and physical).   The light and dark, good and bad as we call it , goes hand in hand. To know one, you must experience the other.
When people used to say to me that the world could not be without darkness (evil as we sometimes call it) , I would say ofcourse it could but that was a statement of fear and evasiveness.
Of-course the world will always be made of light and darkness that is what is natural. It is our perception of the two energies that we need adjust to see clearly ..
The dark is only a reflection, a mirror to the unseen and unresolved parts of ourselves and it is from the understanding, acceptance and resolution of these energies that we learn where the light lives and shines
 ~  the purpose of shadow is to simply bring awareness to the parts that need resolution to be revealed in the light ~
They are two sides of the same coin, light and dark(shadow). One side turns off the light so you can dig deeper within and gain insight from the stillness. The other shines so brightly so you can see well to help and guide others.
A beautiful & fine balance ~ we are always protected and guided we simply need to follow signs and guidance that both the shadow and the light brings

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