a look at numbers tells you the world, the universe is  continually expanding. so infinity is actually real, it exists. It is one’s path to infinity that we can now learn to shift by being conscious of our actions, our goals, our dreams, and our inspired actions taken to manifest those dreams.

These actions which represent one’s path taken, or rather chosen, move us towards the state of infinity – the state of manifestation of our dreams and greatest wishes. It is the place that we are most calm and evened out, balanced and centered.

It is the movement in the direction of Happiness.

One might have thought, or thinks, that infinity is just a state from the math books,  but it is much more than that. It is an actual particle, a position, a space in time –  which can be accessed through many different ways – infinite ways. The fact that there are endless ways to get to our goals means that we just need to understand, acknowledge and REMEMBER that we can do anything we want. All we need is persistence, awareness and connection with the Higher Aspects of ourselves that can help and guide us towards the manifestation (attainment) of our dreams – our personal infinity vibration and space

ReMember you are not this body, this body that you tote on the stage of physical reality. You are a being of infinite realities, a being of love  and so light-filled that you are bursting at the seams. Remember yourself for all that you are and all that you can be and already are. ~ archAngels


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