We are who we are


Who are who we are ~

We are each made up of lots of light,

of energy, of infinite possibilities

There is no limit to our greatness

our esenceness

our fullness

our wholeness

our movement yet our stillness
It is the universal offer of the whole that is her

for she knows that she and we all are never really ‘done’

we continuously express our being in varying shapes and elements that we identify with

And so if you stay grounded to the floor

you never learn how to fly

and you never know how flying really feels

Its time we lift our heads

ground our feet in the universal flow

and say this is where I am supposed to be

Then take-off into the sun to meet the essential spirit that is we

(photo credit to: http://imitation–of–life.tumblr.com/post/24201783893)


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