Qigong Chronicles ~ Week 1

Having recently completed my first Reiki attunement, I am on a natural essence-connected journey to learn other healing modalities. After a week or two of intenting to be shown the way to my next adventure, which I hoped so would involve some travel, I have found or rather Qigong has found me. Perhaps some travel will come and is in the near future – that would be lovely! So here am I, and here you are with me, stepping upon a new path in the modality of healing.

A little background on Qigong. One of the many ancient healing techniques, Qigong has much similarities to TaiChi and Reiki. Qigong though moves slower, if at all, than TaiChi. Allowing for a stillness of mind and building of the sacred, divine energy. Qigong’s positions are quite different from that of Reiki and is a self healing process ~ one heals as they learn. Conscious awakening and expansion, all at once!

The course is 4 weeks and I will be taught a weekly lesson of Qigong every week. Here I go!


It’s day one of week 1 and I already feel expanded ~ living and aware of more energy. From me, cleansing and clearing is the most tedious. I just can’tseem to offload that lower vibration completely. I’ll keep it off and at bay for a very long time, but it finds a way sometimes to creep back in.

It is a constant clearing and cleansing process that we are a part of and Qigong brings that to life along with the active and grounding aspects.

Sensei Tristan and Sensei Peter are amazing and I am forever grateful for the lessons I’m learning.

As day 2 and day 3 flow by, I feel myself actually more relaxed and at peace. I find it easier to slip into a state of joy and happiness and more able to send love to a person or situation that might have otherwise introduced an alternative effect , one not as pleasing. But with the foundation of Qigong, I feel ready and able to claim my day and every moment in it.

I have also noticed that I am calmer and more revitalized, daring and confident! Amazing! I. Feel. Good. And I realize that the universe has been , as of recent, nudging me to reach out and support and consider others alot more.

I feel like I’m in a whole new place in life, connecting and listening to the flow that is all around and within.

Surrendering the ego as I fill my head, mind, soul and body with that which is of the spirit

I am ready for week 2! It is so much easier to flow with my true feelings and express my true self. I use love intention in every single moment, especially that I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of fear, worry, guilt or not being true to myself. Qigong has started a beautiful transformation within my life and I feel great.

~ Namaste


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