awaken-defaultI always felt addicted to the dark…

Simply because I didn’t fit in anywhere else. I had always felt outkasted, different and a bit crazy.. after all I did ( and still do) believe in magic and that’s rarely accepted by society and its followers. I also believed ( and still believe) that we are all worthy even though I felt so unworthy within myself because I couldn’t find a way to fit in to societal realms.

For a long time I felt that I HAD to fit in to be worthy, to be good, to be close to trueness. I did so many things to be seen, to fit in, to be on top..but nothing has set me free like being true to the essence within me.

Nothing has set me free like being true to the essence within me

In April 2012, I received the wake call that changed my life forever. I became unable to stray from my internal truth, and as revelation after revelation came to me – I found myself constantly on my knees, in constant meditation and in constant search for something greater because everything I thought I was, everything I thought I wanted…no longer mattered and no longer resonated with me.

The truth I had once known was null and void, and a greater and more all-encompassing, loving truth was unfolding with every moment of breath.

The truth I had once known was null and void

It took some time to accept my differences after trying so long to be in the social limelight, it took some time for me to be ‘real’ with myself, and it took some time to accept myself for all the light and dark contrasts that I am. It took time to know that all that I am is perfectly ordained and right – I am unique spark of divine

Through it all I have learned that to be myself I must stay true even if it doesn’t align with another’s truth; for we are all the light – from the core we shine, we are all the truth. We are all here to live our individual truths and reconnect to the universal/cosmic truth – the place of oneness and trueness where all that we are, no matter how unconventional and crude, is a part of the eternal, living and ever-expanding truth.

So no matter where you have been, what you have done – the God within you is never gone. Only patiently waiting for you to bang on the door of eternal love, and once we walk through that door we enter the truth that we are one, we are god, we are what we seek, we are the beginning and the ending. The creator and the created.

~ From whence we came, we shall return


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