The Power of Melanin

We-are-as-strong-as-the lover and warrior within

The melanin flowing through my veins has always been up for discussion, since before my birth. And even now the argument is not quite clear.

Because of the melanin flowing through my veins I am supposed to believe that I’m not as good as my fellow beings of light without the melanin impregnit.

WE are all essentially made of earth ~ consistency existing of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen and oxygen. This is also found in our atmosphere ~ which makes up this beautiful planet that we call Earth, which is the natural by-product of stars in action, which is evidence enough that we are entities of the universes. Children of beautiful manifest, that is what magnificence we are.
So when there are a few that have taken it upon themselves to say that they are better than others, that is due to a lack of self empowerment and seeking outside of one’s self for approval.

With self empowerment, one realizes that the potential within one exists within all. So people that act, think and look different from you and yours are not of lesser or greater being, they are just simply a part of God’s divine manifest expressing their truest self in the moment -just as are you. Think with love, Be love and dare yourself not to judge – but just be accepting of each and every soul.

The mayans, aborginals, the aztecs, and the nepals were all people of dark complexion due to the essence of melanin in their makeup.

From what I know about the universe, she is constantly growing and expanding and everything happens for a reason. So I know that the melanin in this skin of mine and in millions of other dark skinned peoples is right. And it has a special purpose on this land and I will not accept any talk of removing or bleaching/diluting our birthright.

While some continue to distract people with foolishness of differences, the real truth for unification is kept secret.

But all in the dark must come to light ~ as we all ascend and grow conscious of our true essence; we will see the veil drop, twisted lies exposed and truth will rise

A universal unification of power, love and grace ~ The Power of Melanin

The 12 Lost Tribes Of Judah

A New Race/Consciousness Born Out Of The Darkness

We will fight with all our might, opening the gates of oppression as we rise

We are as strong as the lover and the warrior within us

~ Namaste my fellow melanin lovers and love & light warriors


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