Jamaica – The Sell-out Story


When is enough, enough?

WE have sold every inch of Jamaica. Will our government move to selling the people next? When is enough, enough.

From British, to America, and now the Chinese. For a people who harp on being an independent country and throws million dollar celebrations in regards to independence.. the selling of Goat Island is a complete slap in the face to the people, illogical and selfish thinking on the government and an undermining and deterioration of our ‘independent’ state.

How many times must we go through the same thing? When will we as a people stand up and speak out. The power is in our numbers. We can get together to cheer on our fellow citizens when all is going well. But as soon as ‘hard times’ roll in, the majority sits back while just a few are brave enough to get up and rally against the injustice that is continuously undertaken by our government towards the people and the land and the water surrounding our beautiful and mystical country.

What are we afraid of? Why aren’t our voices being heard, even if it is just a few. Why is our government selling out what so many have fought, died and shed blood to protect and provide for? How many times will our people hear the same stories, and believe them? Even when we KNOW, that nothing comes of the juicy fibs that the government gives us to soothe any fears and retaliation.

Let’s look at some case points…

Goat Islands – One of Jamaica’s best kept secrets has been sold off like cattle. Even with the numerous attempts to stop the sale and bring awareness to the ecological detriment of disrupting the Goat Islands environment, the Jamaican government has continued on with the plan of action for the island to be ‘fixed up’ and turned into a Chinese Logistics hub. Promising jobs and whatever else as usual… Read this article from National Geographic on ‘Saving Goat Islands’ –> http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/2014/04/22/saving-goat-islands-jamaica/

Coastal Lands – Most of Jamaica’s coastal lands are not owned by Jamaicans, they are owned by international investors. Now. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with have international investors BUT can we be smart about it? Can our government negotiate for our people and our country, instead of their pockets and own interests?

Here go the Chinese again: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20141002/chinese-want-lands-next-dunns-river

Public Services/Utilities – Now this is the worst in my opinion. How can you barefacedly sell out your country’s own income. Not one of our public services is 100% state-owned…what a god damn shame. And shut the hell up about not being able to maintain. Where there is a will, there is a way. For a country so damn doused in religion, it’s about time we start having some faith in ourselves instead of fanning out to every buyer that waves a pretty coin in our face…

Is THIS the land that we love??!! If so, WHY ARE WE NOT LOVING IT ?! Caring for It? And Protecting It.

It is time for a change..else change will be timing us..

~ Voices ready to be heard.


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