The Illusionary Life ~ – to – ~ The Life of Truth

All that you have is your soul
” Don’t be tempted by the shiny apple, don’t eat of a bitter fruit
Hunger only for a taste of justice, hunger only for a taste of truth ” Tracy Chapman
There are many illusions around us and we must have a strong sense of self. A strong connection to our soul, this is the only realness that is truly tangible.
The illusions come in many ways, mine personally came as the illusion of glamour and fame. There was this unending need and want to be famous and in the limelight, to be focused upon and given unending attention.
For years I consciously and unconsciously was tempted and lead by these illusions because I didn’t have a inner grounding to be lead by. Constantly I took the shiny, glimmering paths that eventually ended in demise…simply because they were unreal, illusionary and unable to be the ‘truth’ that I so avidly sought.
Ultimately, this ‘truth’ I searched the outer world and illusions for – was in me. Patiently waiting for me to finally see the true truth that is within
As I reflect, it becomes clear that all my lovers and most past experiences were quite illusionary..meaning that these experiences were drawn into my life because of my gullible temptation to be a part of the glamour and fame illusions. Oh yes, they were all very pretty and shiny, and reflected just that to everyone else on the outside..all while on the inside I still felt empty and unfullfilled.
And as always the illusions showed me their pretty faces for a while then as with things unreal, they unravelled. And so did every single relationship. Every single thing that I chose from of the illusion.. I always ALMOST got. But almost doesn’t count and neither do those illusions because things unreal can never last forever. Only the TRUTH does that, only the truth lasts forever. And this is the greatest lesson I have learned.
After several failed relationships, several failed attempts of making something of myself, and several encounters with death,danger, and pretense.. I have finally returned to the truth. The truth which lies within.
With this truth there is no appeal to or need for the illusions. I see through them quite clearly. Before they even get a chance to enter my energy field, I choose to let them go by me, let them go by me cause my truth has set me free and opened my eyes clearly to see beyond the shiny, charming and at times, enchanting appearances that float around and within the illusionary fields.
With truth I realize that alot of the things I thought I wanted, weren’t really that important to me. I realized that I’m a simple girl, purposed to heal and passionate about artistry in its many forms and highly comfortable in the realms of magic, the seas and nature. I realize that I just want to be happy, loving what I do, and doing what I want. Everything else was just illusion – those things I thought I needed, and wanted to be fullfilled. But truth is, I am fullfilled.
Nothing to gain, nothing to lose. I am just in sync with the divine flow and through that I am fullfilled.
I no longer fear, doubt, or speculate because when in flow, when in truth, everything is always present.
~ And that is the truth ~

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