The Power Of Thoughts

Thoughts are power. Thoughts are powerful, powerful energy. They are the first interaction of us and our reality that is manifested upon the physical plane. This happens in a very sequencial way. Yes, the universe has as much order as it has chaos and balance is always key.

At the instant that a thought is born, we have set some manifestation in flow. We have created something. Whether we can see it or not in that moment, it is there floating about. The time it takes to manifest in a way that can be seen is entirely dependent upon the added energies that were born with it. Some of these added energies come from our emotions; the way we felt and how much we felt in the birthing of a thought. The rest comes from our actions on the thought that we just created, whether that is using mantras to propel that manifestation of the thought or getting up and physically taking some kind of action towards the created thought. All these energies come together to manifest what ever we thought about, and the more energy there is flowing towards and about that thought – the faster it manifests. The faster we see it show up in our lives.

Have you ever really, really wanted something and the moment you sit and really put in some prayer or work towards it, it just pops up right in front of you! Yep, that is beautiful manifestation at it’s best. It is the universe saying, ” Hey, I see that you really want this, and with all that energy from prayers(mantras/affirmations) and action you’ve done – Here you go!”

Yup, it is really just that simple. What is not so simple and takes a bit of conscious realignment is the thoughts that we produce.  Our mind’s energy field is like a very fertile garden and whatever seeds of thought we put in, we are sure to reap.

So be kind to yourself, think and be positive as much as you can – it takes a little work but it is worth it when you see your most heart-felt dreams and desires manifested at the right time in the right place. Life works for you. The universe is always supporting you so do them a favour and support YOU too.

Love and Light Beauties,

Positive Thoughts Always


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