All That You Have Is Your Soul – a take on the truth of hell and sin

Since the beginning of times, there has been this notion of heaven and hell. And if you’re not good, if you’re not living along the ‘path of God’ then you are living in sin and are doomed to hell.

Over and over we hear this, pastors, mothers, fathers, grandparents and even, great-grandparents tell us. But what does it all truly mean? What does that fruit that Eve supposedly ate really signify?

Listening to the words of Tracy Chapman’s “All You Have Is Your Soul”, the questions were answered.

Yes, all that we have is our soul and we best take care of it, because if we don’t no-one will. Simply because they don’t know how to. We are the only ones that can take care of our soul. Only we know what our soul yearns for unendingly. Thus, the bitter yet shiny fruit is all the glitter and gold that the world shows us, especially now in this time of technology at the finger tips. These things that the world tells us that we need or have to have, simply because everyone ‘supposedly’ has it..but in reality not everyone has it and not everyone really wants it. But yet still, we are tempted because it is dangling all around us and most of us can’t help but take a bite..

And man, does that bite taste good. So we eat and eat all the things of the world until we come to the realization that we aren’t really feeling full..still feeling empty even after accumulating all those things. So finally we let them go and realize everything we wanted was inside us all along.

SO, that still doesn’t answer the question about hell and sin.. Well, sin is the actions that we take, the words that we speak, thoughts that we think which are not aligned with our soul full truth within. Like we said, sin is going against the ‘path of God’ and that ‘path of God’ is within. It is ingrained in our souls, it what we call following our intuition, or following our heart. The ‘path of God’ is universal, it has many routes that it can follow and since God is an unconditional lover, all the paths lead to the same place of love, trust, truth and unconditionality. So, when we follow our truth, we are living on the path of God and when we allow ourselves to be swayed and distracted from the truth within because of what the world says, then we are living in sin and we ultimately live in our own hell because we are not truly happy within.

When we are true to our self, we can be nothing but true to those around us and it’s butterfly effect from there. That full truth, heart following, soul living is what manifests our heaven. Remember that saying, do good, be good, see good?  Living in full truth can only manifest truth which is the basis of true happiness, joy, fullfillment and abundance – which has being coined as living in heaven.

As Tracy put it, ” Don’t be tempted by the shiny apple, don’t you eat of that bitter fruit. Hunger only for a taste of justice, Hunger only for a world of truth, Cause all that you have is your soul ”

“I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God’s gift to man.” Ecclesiastes 3:12-13


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