Broken Release

How many times do I have to go through the same things?

These same feelings?

These same emotions

Leaving me emptied

Feeling for hollow openings

Try and let some light in

No matter how I try it

I end up feeling neglected

The abuse is self-inflicted

My face no longer hides it

My heart can no longer take it

The self-abuse

I realize it

I release it

Letting go

I’ve never felt so empty

So damn darn incomplete

Is this what is to become of me

A damsel in ever distress mode

Is this all to become of me

I know

I know there is more

My gut just wont

Wont let me give up so easily

Though sometimes I wish it were all so easy

Lay my head to rest and say I did my best

Oh I wish it were so easy

But this spirit within me

Wont let me go so easily

Wont let me go so easily

I’m trying, can’t you see?

And where do I end up

but in the trails of misery

Is there another way for me

Is there another place to be

Show me, Show me where

dreams, they flow into being so easily

so fluidly, so freely, so abundantly

Now I have released the worst of me

Won’t the best just roll on in

Cause I,

I’ve done my best

and I’m ready to put miracles to the test


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